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Grimace Records is proud to announce Dallas/Denton’s youth crew revival heroes, ‘Noogy’ and release of their debut EP named “Roughhousin’ ” 

The Band is one of hottest up and coming Texas hardcore punk rock starlets. Andre Vorhi’s vocals are shouted out rhythmically and energetically. Andre has the lanky, feel good presence and charm not seen since Rancid/Op Ivy’s Tim Armstrong with shades of James Dean. Bassist Anthony Martinez nimbly lays down the melodic bass line that adds to this frantic hurricane potion of hardcore punk and crusty ska. Drums are pounding, upbeat and by Nick Helm, rock-steady style. Song’s “2017” and “Grandma’s House” portray the personal politics of their message. The band sounds like melodic youth crew of the early 1990s. 

Noogy is fresh off three big tours this past year with MDC, TSOL and an extensive USA tour with Covert Booking, opening up for the biggest touring bands playing today.


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