Punk For Ukraine Vol.1


  • Subhumans (UK) - “Terrorist in Waiting” 


  • Mauser (Ukraine) - “Anger, Fear, Hatred, Pain?"


  • Rebel Riot  (Myanmar) - “The Night WIll not be Silenced”


  • Garlic Frog Diet (France) - “Powermad”


  • Jarruketju (SWED/FIN/BRAZ)  - “Bring The Nuke”


  • Kazostroj (Slovakia) - “Novičok” 


  • Noogy - (USA) - “Studcounter” 


  • All Gonna Die (USA) - ”Fight Now”.


  • Boxcutter (USA) - “Silent Killer”


  • Moment Of Fear (Germany) - “Targets For Killing “


  • The Elected Officials  (USA) -  “Times Like These”


  • Conflict (UK) - “The Serenade is Dead”


  • Spillage (UK) - “Mort420”


  • License to Kill (Thailand) - “Why War”


  • Sexcult - “Warcry”


  • Burning From The Inside(UK) -  “Behind Closed Doors”


  • Stinx (Ukraine) - “Krizis”


  • Abanglupa (Philippines) - “Of Rats And Swine”


  • ПхШх (Ukraine) - “We can Repeat”


  • Hengel (Netherlands/Ukraine) - “ Wachtkamer”


  • Toxic Reasons (USA) - “Unholy War”


  • AM (Poland) - “SMYCZ”


  • C4Service(Germany) -  “Holiday of Democracy”


  • Wolfpack (Australia) - “Advance Australia Scare”


  • Naked Aggression (USA) - “Why Do They Fuck Up My World?”


  • My Bible Company (USA) - “ Occupation 101”


  • All Thicc (USA) - “Frames”


  • TODINO BOI!S (Italy) - “Leone De Tastiera”


  • Raw Power - (Italy) “I lost My patience”


  • Barred (Philippines) - “Disease”


  • Battalion Zośka (USA) -“Thick In The Head”


  • Motherfucker Teresa  (USA) - “Blue Lives Murder”


  • Triple Lutz (USA) - “So Confused”


  • Stank Voor Dank (USA) - “Naranja Clown”


  •  Slutet (Sweden) - “BORTOM VANSINNETS GREPP”


  • OverExposure (USA) - “Stand Up”


  • This is Not A Drill  (USA)- “I Ain’t Got Time To Bleed”


  • Neighborhood Watch (Canada)  - “Rattenkrieg”


  • Conflict Resolution (USA)- “Citizen Resistance”


  • Debil - (Indonesia) - “Warrior with Pride”


  • Leftover Sermon (USA) - “Dark Age”


  • Truth Equals Treason  (USA)- “And The Bombs Keep Falling”


  • Terminal City Rats (Canada)  “Never Surrender”


  • Better Off Dead (Canada)  - “Bombs”


  • Nixed (USA)- “Empire”


  • Dogs In The Fight  (USA) - “Children Of War”


  • Dealing With Damage (UK) -  “We Make Bombs To Feel Safe”


  • Digital Resistance - (Canada) - "Tergiversation"      



  • The Officials (UK) -  “Fear is Back”


  • The Fallout (Canada) -  “Casualty”


  • Millions of Dead Cops    (USA) - “Mein Trumpf”







Punk For Ukraine - Volume 1

  • Grimace Records and Dave Dictor are proud to announce the release of the first double cd Volume of Punk for Ukraine compilation! Buy your limited edition copy here! https://www.grimacerecords.com/.../punk-for-ukraine-volume-1 )

    This collection of songs represents the first group of 51 bands to donate their music to help Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to save lives in the Ukraine. If you submitted a song and don't see it here, stay tuned for the next volume! Future releases will include hundreds of international bands, and will be released over the next few months. We are proud to be involved with a movement of solidarity that includes so many corners of the world. Listen at this link to instantly donate streaming revenue. Limited edition double CDs are available at www.grimacerecords.com/shop



    Thanks to Robbert Dobbs, Casey, Kip, Jessica Gentry, David Ensminger, John Hale, Jessica Molina for their hard work.

    Volume 1 features:

    Subhumans, Mauser, The Rebel Riot Band, Jarruketju, CONFLICT MDC - Millions Of Dead Cops Kazostroj, Noogy, ALL GONNA DIE, Boxcutter PNW, Moment of Fear, The Elected Officials, SPILLAGE, License to Kill, SEXCULT, Burning From The Inside, STINX, ABANGLUPA, NxWx, Hengel, Toxic Reasons, AM - HC/Punk, C4Service, @Wolfpack, Naked Aggression, My Bible Company, All Thicc, Tondino Boi!s, Raw Power, Barred, Batallion Zośka, Motherfucker Theresa, Triple Lutz, Stank Voor Dank, Slutet, Overexposure, Thisisnotadrill.ca, Neighborhood watch, Rattenkrieg, Debil, LeftOver Sermon, Truth Equals Treason, Terminal City Rats, Better Off Dead Band, NIXED, Dogs in the Fight, Dealing With Damage, Digital Resistance, The Officials, The Fallout

    PUNK FOR UKRAINE: A Compilation to Benefit Doctors Without Borders, Vol. 1

    Released April 9, 2022 on Grimace Records via Spotify and all your favorite online platforms

    Compiling multitudes of fiery, restless bands across five volumes of music, Punk for Ukraine showcases underground and countercultural global solidarity in the face of Putin's terrible war on Ukraine. It forcefully draws attention to heinous crimes against humanity, slaughter and injustice, and a savage war aimed at causing mass casualties, plus the ongoing, high-risk, strenuous efforts of doctors from all over world converging and risking everything to save lives on the front lines.

    International in scope and extremely urgent, 300 bands have contributed songs from over 30 countries, including Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Indonesia, Japan, Columbia, Holland, UK, Philippines, China, Mexico, and more. Hence, the effort shows how punks and resistance cultures are willing to help, no matter the corner of the globe.

    Bands for all the compilations include classic potent punk acts like Subhumans, Toxic Reasons, Borgon (“Kiev Calling”) Millions of Dead Cops, Dr. Know, Conflict, Reagan Youth, Culture Shock, and a solo effort from Kevin Seconds, singer of 7 Seconds. They are joined by a younger crew of equally ferocious and powerful bands, like Urban Waste, Days and Daze, Acidez, The Elected Officials, and many more. In spirit and style, mode and manner, this release embodies the legacy of punks struggling for social progress and social change, including the efforts of pioneer Dave Dictor of MDC. He is joined by Sophie Rousmaniere of Issue Television 501c3 (www.issuetv.org) and John Hale of Rival Studios, who constitute the core of Grimace Records, a digital label dedicated to highlight, underscore, and support various righteous causes and punk music itself.

    Volume One is a staggering collection of disruptors, including fierce Myanmar street punks and Food Not Bombs activists Rebel Riot; powerhouse politico feminist icons like Naked Aggression and Elected Officials; ongoing UK troublemakers Subhumans, ska-agitators Better Off Dead, and French melodic rockers Garlic Frog Diet; new school Texas hellraisers Noogy; murky and snarling San Francisco's queer punk Lolly Gaggers; Italian thrash-punk maniacs Raw Power and seismic Canadian rockers Terminal City Rats; thundering heavy-hitters Sexcult and zealous speed-shredding thrashers Conflict Resolution, and so many more!

    In 1984, Dave Dictor of MDC released the international P.E.A.C.E. Compilation, a spellbinding, seminal punk collection featuring vital bands, such as DRI, MDC, DOA, Articles of Faith, the Dicks, Dead Kennedys, BGK, and plenty more that defined the era's insurgent music. The proceeds went to anti-nuclear groups, such as the Clamshell Alliance and the Greenham Women's Peace Group, and the Great Peace March, which MDC joined in 1986.

    In 2020, Grimace Records re-released the Peace Compilation. Over the course of one year's worth of listens, $1,000 was raised to distribute to Mutual Aid Disaster Relief, an anarchist organization working on the ground to stop the spread of COVID-19. In May of 2021, Grimace released the Myanmar Resistance Compilation, featuring over 40 international bands, which supported Food Not Bombs Myanmar. An upcoming 3rd compilation will support the ongoing 20-year Occupation of Che Guevara Auditorium in Mexico City.

    To support the causes and enjoy the music, people can simply listen to the playlists online on Spotify by searching for the album titles. Due to their ‘stream to donate' system, “Anyone who can listen to the music can support the cause!” says John Hale, co-founder of Grimace Records. This means that people, anywhere in the world, despite borders and differences, can support resistance, medical efforts, and social justice simply by listening to music, for free. This will help put that money in the hands of people who, despite constant mistreatment and violence, have chosen to fend for the rights of everyday people.

    About Us

    Grimace Records is a label dedicated to using music and modern media to inform, inspire, and invigorate social change in the name of progress. We represent bands from the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America who have joined forces to empower communities and music makers.

    Grimace Records is dedicated to supporting the international punk rock community. We have the largest and most prolific punk Spotify playlists in the world, but we use this system to support social, environmental, medical, feminist, anti-war, and environmental causes steered by visionary punks, anarchists, and other activists. The best part is, to donate and support these causes, all a listener has to do is access the music online and hit "play."

    We are inspired to developi lasting relationships with musicians, activists, and creators everywhere; through partnerships with established influencers, activists, and old school punk pioneers, we will turn the tide against exploitation, racism and discrimination, harmful profiteering, hate and intolerance, endless violence, and much more.

    The time is now.

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