Based out of Bogor, Indonesia, playing 70s Punk ambient since 2016.

Two children of a cineast couple, Cintarama Bani Satria as guitarist and

lead vocal also writting lyric, with the youngest brother Adji Pamungkas

as Bassist. and his schoolmate Yuda Tri P. as Drummer and back vocal.

debuted by releasing the EP "From Bogor to Japan" in cassette format in

2016 byself. Also released their first album "Present Continuous" which

was released in cassette format by Trogmanon Records in 2017.

They released the second album with the title Say Say Say in cassette

format in 2019 byself. This album contains eleven songs, which invites

Latisha Adjani the vocalist of Sluts Machine Gun to fill vocals on one of

the songs on the album.