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About Us

Grimace Records is a Label dedicated to using media to inform, inspire and invigorate social dialog in the name of progress.

We represent bands from the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America who have joined forces to make our voices heard. 

We believe bands should be paid for their efforts, and through our digital distribution system and online store we are able to help musicians support themselves all over the world.


Grimace Records is dedicated to supporting our international punk rock community. We have the largest and most prolific punk Spotify playlists in the world. We use this system to support causes we believe in. We produce curated compilation playlists that support social and environmental causes driven by punks, anarchists and activists. The best part is, to donate and support these causes all one has to do is listen to the music on Spotify.

We are dedicated to developing lasting relationships with musicians, activists and creators everywhere and through partnerships with established influencers, activists and old school punk pioneers.

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