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Okupache - Mexico City Che Guevara Solidarity Compilation

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In 1984 Dave Dictor of MDC released the international P.E.A.C.E. Compilation, which is a seminal Punk record featuring many bands that went on to become well known (DRI, MDC, DOA, Dead Kennedys, BGK, and plenty more). The proceeds went to Anti Nuclear Groups such as the Clamshell Alliance, the Great Peace March in 1986 that MDC participated in, to the Greenham Women’s Peace Group, and others. 

In 2020 Grimace Records rereleased the Peace Compilation and in one year sent 1000$ to Mutual Aid Disaster Relief, an anarchist organization working on the ground to stop the spread of COVID19. in May of 2021 Grimace released the Myanmar Resistance Comp, featuring over 40 international bands supporting Food Not Bombs Myanmar. Our 3rd compilation will support the ongoing 20-year Occupation of the Che Guevara Auditorium in Mexico City. 

More on the Auditorium


The auditorium had for years been a focus of political and cultural life on campus, hosting presentations and conferences involving prominent writers and intellects from Latin America and elsewhere. Since the late 1960s, the building has been commonly known as the Che Guevara Auditorium.
“This has been the most politically symbolic space that the university has had in its entire history,” said Imanol Ordorika Sacristán, head of UNAM’s office of institutional evaluation.


The building is hard to miss. Its exterior walls are now tattooed with murals and graffiti and draped with banners covered in hand-painted slogans demanding the liberty of imprisoned comrades and urging revolution. “Burn the jail,” one banner says.

To support the cause, people can simply listen to The playlist online. Due to their ‘stream to donate' system, “Anyone who can listen to the music can support the cause!” says John Hale, Co-founder of Grimace Records. This means that people, anywhere in the world, despite borders and differences, can aid the resistance simply by listening to music, for free, and Spotify will help put that money in the hands of people who, despite mistreatment and violence, have chosen to fend for the rights of everyday people.


Magos (Left) is the ‘mother’ of the movement and the Auditorium. She works with a group called “Women who fight in the streets” that supports homeless women and children.

Digital Download Available

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