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Mar 29, 2023


Look Out for the Wee Beasties: Denton, TX band the Wee Beasties play at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach on Thursday, and then at the Redwood in Downtown L.A. on Saturday, April 1. Keep Flying, College Radio and Fresh Veggies also play at Alex’s, while the Poppy Seeds, Free Paintings and Sour Tongue open at the Redwood.

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Sep 13, 2022

An Interview with Dave Dictor of MDC

Dave Dictor’s grassroots journey has been a wire-to-wire gamut bred through word-of-mouth fortitude and creative selflessness seldom seen.

With beginnings in the 1960s bohemian paradise that was New York City, Dictor cut his teeth amongst creatives with visionary leanings that would shape his young mind.

Searching for something his mind’s eye was unable to grasp, Dictor laid a path to Texas, eventually settling in creative hotbed, Austin, where a new wave of music was beginning to make waves.


Apr 13, 2022

PUNK FOR UKRAINE: A Compilation to Benefit Doctors Without Borders, Vol. 1

Compiling multitudes of fiery, restless bands across five volumes of music, Punk for Ukraine showcases underground and countercultural global solidarity in the face of Putin’s terrible war on Ukraine. It forcefully draws attention to heinous crimes against humanity, slaughter and injustice, and a savage war aimed at causing mass casualties, plus the ongoing, high-risk, strenuous efforts of doctors from all over the world converging and risking everything to save lives on the front lines.
International in scope and extremely urgent, 300 bands have contributed songs from over 30 countries, including Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Indonesia, Japan, Columbia, Holland, UK, Philippines, China, Mexico, and more. Hence, the effort shows how punks and resistance cultures are willing to help, no matter the corner of the globe.

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