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Hammering their riffage until their hometown Austin shudders, Bondbreakr is a whirlwind of intense style and influences, whether the atmospherics of Galveston, the burning hardcore of screech and splatter Progress and Change, with its tumbling and moody breakdowns, or other condensed tunes like Know Thy Enemy (with features Bobbie from Hellfury), with its monstrous riffage torn from the likes of Tragedy and its lyrics that focus on false gods and institutions of religion, empowered with embittered/forceful lines like "Tear off their cloaks / expose the hoax."

Other tunes like Scuzzfuggit, which edges towards metallic street punk, are much more personalized -- an attack on those who troll, stalk, and lie, each venomous and worthless. Meanwhile, Tine Bheo au Phobail The Living Fire of the People, with intro sound clips and razory dark guitar, is a slow barrage of pounding rhythmic thunder that dives deep into the issues of the natural world -- the ocean and forest, a mythology and folklore, a way of speaking and conjuring -- and insinuates humans should be more in tune with that side of life rather than being chained, even unconsciously, to the malevolent industrial forces than burn, defoliate, and ruin it.

And though an EP, the work offers not just unrelenting power and pummeling, but also ambience and slight psych-rock forays, like Mainland, which proves they reach beyond the punk toolkit to highlight a musicality that is varied and encompassing.
They are set to release their single 'Progress and Change' on July 1st, which coincides with the first day of their Waking Nightmare Tour 2023, covering 14 cities with 14 performances in Roswell, NM; Yuma, AZ; Los Angeles, CA; Denver, CO and many others.

BÖNDBREAKR is set to release their second studio-recorded EP titled 'EXILE' in August 2023 on Grimace Records.

The quartet has played their unique blend of grimy nightmare music during SXSW 2022 and 2023, and have opened for heavy-hitting acts such as H.R. (Bad Brains), Pleasure Venom, Fuck Money, Pussy Gillette, and We Don’t Ride Llamas. They also collaborated with bassist, banjo player, and songwriter JD Pinkus (Butthole Surfers) on a cover of Melvins’ “Bride of Crankenstein” released on Black Donut Records in 2022.



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