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Crucial Times

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Crucial Times is a hardcore punk band with an explicitly street-style punk attitude. Based out of DFW, this DIY ethos-driven sound comes at you hard and fast, just like punk rock and hardcore should. The trio consists of musicians whose collective background unreservedly forces you to ride on their bullet train to raw aggression.

Guitar/Vocals: Zach Abrego
Zach is a native Texan born and raised in Corpus Christi.
Bands: Blot Out, Noogy

Bass Guitar: Jose Morales AKA Manny
Manny was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in San Sebastian, Puerto Rico.
Bands: Los Kabezudos de Villa Baja AKA KDBV, Cashing In, The Nothing

Drums: Travis Brown
Born in Los Angeles, Travis was raised in San Bernardino County, CA
Bands: Heater (guitar/vocals), Phorids (drums).

Zach, Manny, and Travis are all seasoned musicians and have been a part of the music scene for many years. Seeing them live, you'll no doubt feel their passion for performing and connecting through the music. Their unrestrained and blasting message is hard to miss.

These guys have collectively shared the stage with: TSOL, Agnostic Front, The Dwarves, NOFX, Strung Out, Battalion of Saints, Total Chaos, The Casualties, Dead Kennedys, Bouncing Souls, and more.

Crucial Times recently released a 3 song digital demo that was self-recorded, mixed, and released. The multi-level talent these guys bring to the table is something you'll want to witness first-hand. The group has also just finished its first 13-song LP due to be released on Grimace Records.

Crucial Times


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