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Excerpts from an Interview with Debil by Rudolf Schütz of

The name „Debil” is taken from the chatter or ridicule aimed at the stocky vocalist, namely Julfi Bengal, with the nickname Dede Gembil and abbreviated as Debil, although in a literal sense the meaning of Debil is taken from people who have limitations in thinking.

What are your influences and what do you deal with in your lyrics?

With the background of each band member we play a somewhat different street punk music, with roots in Oi! street punk but with heavy metal guitar playing from our guitarist G’I Pram… Our songs are rooted in Oi! street punk 80’s music such as Oxymoron, Cock Sparrer, Skrewdriver, The Business, Vice Squad, Sham 69, The Damned etc., but other influences from guitar playing are influenced by 80’s heavy metal bands like Motörhead, Black Sabbath etc.

“Life Must Go On” is an interesting collaboration between Debil and Dodi from Indian Nightmare. How did this collaboration happen in the first place? Do you plan to include guest musicians from other bands in any of your future songs?

Dodi IndianNightmare has been in a scene for a long time in the realm of punk/metal music in our country, we drank together and struggled in music, and indeed, the song existed before Dodi joined Indian Nightmare while still living in Indonesia. to revive the soul of the song we finally brought the song and recorded it. Collaboration with other bands, maybe… maybe in your country there is a band, that wants to collaborate with Debil, performing street punk songs, we are ready! Lol!

I’ve already mentioned you’ve come from Tasikmalaya… I have no information about your local scene, can you, please, introduce it to us? Any interesting bands we can check?

In Tasikmalaya, there are many bands that carry the spirit of friendship and the streets, for example, Chaotic School, Discuse, Senteg Beurit, etc. Maybe in the future, we can open a blog or website that accommodates bands from our city to be enjoyed by the wider world.



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