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With a ferocious, vengeful, tough-as-nails modern hardcore approach that might remind
listeners of previous classic acts like Paint it Black, Milhous rage against the everyday
routines that keep us complacent, the lack of knowledge that keeps us stupid, and the
"something for nothing" work ethic that makes the future perilous.
And brutal tunes like “ Illiterati” perfectly capture that rage, angst, and focus. 
Yet, they can also be deeply pained and personal, like the massive assault of “Wrrrong,”
which examines the conflict of relationships, with their seemingly inherit lies, shit talk,
faults, wrongheadedness, and other frustrations that riddle them.  
In turn, jet-fuel burning “Aggravated Sarcasm,” which surges potent and hard, takes aim
at the “education” and books that turn our minds into knots, while also making us burn
like gasoline on the inside. It is a tirade against the walls, people, and ideas that stand in
front of us, trying to block our freedom and independence. Its hefty choruses soar like dark
clouds too.
Their other tunes are equally powerful wedges of total commitment and energy, brash
tempers and adrenaline bombs, like “IOU,” which takes aim at copycat, phony people who
can’t be themselves, while a dizzying bass’n’drum intro introduces “Uncomplicated,” a
tune that seeks to exterminate the burning fumes of rumors, the demons that seek to
destroy us, and the authorities that want to grab the outsiders, weirdos, and trouble
In all, Milhous are a quick-pulsed, brain-beating, aggro-hearted unit of maximum power
and chops.



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