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Murder Generation

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With pummeling punk powerstrokes and crunch, male and female vocal trade-offs, and keep-it-gritty approach, Murder Generation unleash a brutal wave of tunes that combine gnarly street punk fuss and big chorus anarcho-punk ala Crucifix. They are breathless, fierce, and committed to calling out problems far and wide, external and internal, system-wide and cultural.

Like on “Media Slow Death,” which attacks the blitz of social media networks that keep people dissatisfied and rejected-feeling, in which all time should be used to consume images that cause total objectification of bodies, each edited and curated, all of which attempt to suppress real anger and madness beneath endlessly glossy, posed surfaces.

Similarly, they ask what happens when a “Blackout” disrupts the networks, convenience is disrupted, history goes down the drain, and the platforms are undone like sinking rafts in the void. They expose how co-dependent users have become on the machine-led digital age of the attention economy, in which our brains our plugged in, but the tightrope is ready to break at any moment. Soon, we will be both lost and abandoned.

Their anger is an engine that continues on "Being Human is a Crime,” which attacks the politics of everyone – left-wing, right-wing, all the ideologies stuck in the same ruts, boredom like a highway leading in every direction. They feel repulsed and jaded, hated for their feelings, as if living in a jail of humanity squashed and judged by the fake righteousness of each side.

Smart and pissed, and harnessing a barrage of raw punk chords and banged-up beats, their barebone musicality is contrasted by their punchy smarts, like “Signal to Noise,” which uses armfuls of metaphors to heighten our awareness of the era: the media maze we are looped in is more complex than ever, the light grows dim and dimmer, we disregard elders and bombard youth, tiny grains of truth are overshadowed by a million lies, and we’re faking progress while really being stuck on a carousel, going round and round, like kids unable to shake off their entrapment.

If you desire both quick strokes of gutsy power and an intelligent tool bag too, you’ll find this to be a perfect fit!

Murder Generation


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