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Opposition Party

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With a searing metallic onslaught that lands somewhere between prime period DRI, Corrosion of Conformity, and Slayer, Opposition Party, which first started in the often-overlooked region of Singapore in the late 1980s, grafts together plenty of massive hooks and muscular leads, hoarse and gruff vocals, and double-bass drum barrages that feel like the thunderous clap of war guns, all of which prove that old-school chops, style, and attitude still rule the day.

And in a world of military aggression, civil strife, and a decaying social fabric, their song “Intolerance” actually shines a light on a kind of powerful possibility – give up your fucking prejudice, bigotry, and intolerance, which feed on kinds of hate that are actually manufactured by people trying to shape our lives for the worse.

While we clench our fists, brutalize each other in the streets, create ceaseless bloodbaths, and bang heads, all because of different ethnicities, or religions, or ways of living, it’s ridiculous and pathetic, they insist, as their tune roars and rumbles.

They know music can be the glue that keeps us together, united across borders and territories, even as greedy politicians, creepy spiritual leaders, and ideology-obsessed idiots try to stir up trouble, again and again.

Opposition Party


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