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The Dead Rabbits

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Fueled by cheap whiskey and Lone Star beer The Dead Rabbits have emerged as one of the best Celtic punk bands out of Texas. Charged by the ole songs of Irish rebellion and the speed and harmony of melodic punk, the Rabbits combine a potent mix of Irish Folk, Bluegrass, Gypsy, and Punk Rock. Add the mayhem that is their stage presence and you’ve a hell of a show! This winter the warren begins work on their second full length album to be released this spring!

It was mid 2009 when the idea of the Rabbits was proposed to the band's founder Seamuis Strain from the bowels of a Louisiana prison. When his tenure as a guest of the state was finished he set forth to put together an ensemble of Houston hellraisers that we know today as the “Warren”! Though the band has seen many a member come and go… The bands core forged ahead! That

persistence led to the brilliant musicians that make up the ranks of the warren we see today!

2013 marked the release of the bands first full length album “Tiocfaidh ar la” Our Day will Come! The album quickly gained recognition and was named one of the best Celtic releases of 2013 by Paddyrock Radio and Celtic Folk Punk Magazine! The gang has shared the stage with some of the best in the business to include Bad Religion, The Tossers, Young Dubliners, Street Dogs, Flatfoot 56, and The Goddamn Gallows!

The Dead Rabbits


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