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The Die Hards

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Hailing from the feverish and humid epicenter of Asian global punk Thailand, The Die Hards, let loose with breakneck ferocity, guttural screamed outrage, and strong, brash musical confidence on “Money,” their new single that stamps its feet hard and fast.

With a modern hardcore template that will be familiar to anyone who likes Paint It Black and beyond a blend of thrusting drum fills, furious powerful guitar chops with a hint of metal tucked in the riffage, and vocals that are abrasive and raw they take no prisoners as they address the “roots of harmful desire”: the painful truth behind the bitter legacies of money, capitalism, and consumerism.

They identify cold hard cash with so much greed and poison in the world, from the evil “rat race” that keeps us slaves to the system to the dented relationships and soul-destroying nature of money, as well as the endless manipulation that will overwhelm anyone’s life if they don’t break free from all the envy, temptation, addiction, and woe.

In some portions, the song might remind you of Bad Religion during their The Empire Strikes First period almost twenty years ago the drum and guitar interplay are that strong, compelling,
and well sculpted. But they stand in their own lane too, proving that hardcore punk has not
diminished: it has grown like a wildfire spitting ash across the confusing

The Die Hards


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