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Punks For Peace Vol.2

Digital download of songs 1 - 28 in the compilation.


  • Beton  (Ukraine) Andriy Zholob “Kyiv Calling”
  • Dr.Know (USA) - Brandon Cruz “Idol Construction”
  • K.G.B - (Germany) Hannes Koerber “Hydra”
  • Millions Of Dead Elected Officials (MDC) “Silence is Violence”
  • Siebenkas (Puerto Rico) - Benjamin Acevedo Rivera “Zona de Sacrificio“
  • Urban Waste (USA) - Johnny Waste “Police Brutality”
  • Redwood City All Stars - GRIMACE ”Adderall”
  • Confront Stage(Russia) - Artemy Volynsky “Brainwash For War”
  • Walter Witowksi And The Dirty Dog D*ck Eaters( USA) - Walter Banister  “Burden Of Man”
  • Punik (Japan) - Nigel van der Grijspaarde "LIVE FAST!!"
  • Battle Royale  (USA) - Jim Slattery “Politicians”
  • Knifeman (Ukraine) - Knifeman Band “Against The Hardline”
  • 2 Legs Bad (Germany) - Manuel Schwantner “Matter Of Fake”
  • Unwanted Noise – (Grimace) “Despair”
  • MDC – Dave Dictor “Doomed”
  • Violent Instinct (Germany) - Dennis Hogel “First worlds Last Survivors”
  • In Evil Hour (UK) - Alice Reid “Explain Things To Me”
  • Culture Shock (UK) - Dick Lucas “Too Much Of Everything”
  • Armoured Flu Unit (UK) - Nathan Brown “Roll Out The Barrel Bombs”
  • Shitty Advice (USA) - Candidio Santos “Lining Up”
  • Hellfury - Bobbie Kleman “Cost of Life”
  • Counter Culture Prophet( USA) - John Stafford “Tyrants”
  • Impetus Vibe (Sweden) Steve Kilroy “Get Sirius”
  • Reifer Madness - (USA)  Rob Reifer “That’s How the cookie crumbles”
  • The Quintessentials (USA) - Jason Miller “The Alien Elite” 
  • Cút Lộn-Em - (Vietnam) Joshua Hiram Banks “Bị Oánh”
  • Bitch Switch (USA) - Rachel Jean “Trim The Fat”
  • Silence Equals Death (USA) - Scott Earth “Revolution Rising”

Part 1: Punks For Peace Volume 2 Digital Download